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January 24, 2016

Let’s just put it out there, I LOVE STATIONERY! Anything from notebooks to pencils and cute cards really excites me!

I could spend hours and hours browsing cute stationery shops and websites. Every occasion or holiday is just another excuse for me to add more items to my collection.

I’ve tried to sum up, and believe me when I say that it wasn’t easy (this post could have been endless), all my favourite pieces that I came across with whilst searching for the perfect diary for the new year.

Although I buy a lot of notebooks, I don’t always use them, so that is something I’m trying to improve this year (at least starting a few pages).

Check out this space for more about my stationery collection.

Let me know which one you love the most and if you have any suggestion for stationery brand I should check out.

Love, Sandra

#GOALS Journal


simplified planner

Gold Pineapple Daily Simplified Planner – Emily Ley

kate spade stationery and notebooksKate Spade New York Stationery Collection Stationery and Notebooks Collection

The Happiness Planner

The Happiness Planner Mint:Copper

The Happiness Planner : Focus on What Makes You Happy

Portico Gold Foiled Pineapple Cards

Portico Gold Foiled Pineapple Cards

kikki.k inspiration journals collection

kikki.K  Inspiration Journals

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