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Hello, I’m Sandra!

The Pineapple Lady is a lifestyle and personal blog where fashion and beauty meet food, photography, crafts, ideas, inspiration, travel and more.

I’ve decided to start this blog to express myself and my style and to stay connected with family and friends as well as to open a little window into my life and share my thoughts with people who have the same interests as me.

I’m not the best writer and English is not my first language, but I promise I’m doing my best to make my little corner on the Internet as fun and entertaining as it can be.

Food is a big part of my life and cooking is one of the things I love the most (I’m Italian after all) so I like to talk about it and there are a lot of recipe posts around this blog.

As I said, I’m Italian and currently living in England with my boyfriend.

I have always wanted too travel and so we’ve decided to move here a few years ago in order to live new adventures, pursue our dreams and learn a new language along the way.

Arts and design are another big passion of mine. I love reading and spending cozy night in reading other blogs, watching movies or hang out at cafes (read: COFFEE ADDICT).

I love creating things, I’ve always been very crafty and did I mention I love cooking? Baking in particular.

And Macarons, of course!

After so many years wanting to share all of this with others, I’ve finally found the courage to start my own blog, with a little (huge) help of my amazing boyfriend.

So, if you love food, fashion and everything lifestyle related I’m sure you’ll feel right home here.

Welcome to the Pineapple Lady and enjoy your staying!

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